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Introverts and EXTROVERTS in the Executive Suite We're all introverts now

One of the hottest topics in leadership today is that of the Introverted Leader. Susan Cain’s 2012 New York Times best seller Quiet has brought a great deal of attention to the idea that introverts bring much to the table. This book brings academic research to the topic and focus on Introverted Leaders in the C-Suite, the senior executives in any organization. 

Based on over 250 in-depth interviews with CEOs and other C-Suite executives in North America and Europe, this book brings to life the careers paths of introverted leaders, that is, how, in the Darwinian struggle to the top, they effectively proved their value, what strengths they often bring to the table, and how they manage fellow introverts, as well as extroverts.  We will also flip the tables and discuss how extroverts should effectively manage introverts and their fellow extroverts. The book ends with how to blend a team of introverts and extroverts for the best business results.

Karl has written on extrovert and introvert leadership for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper and for his Forbes blog.  He is an Associate of Susan Cain's Quiet Leadership Institute.  

Strategy of Globalization

Written by Karl Moore and Louis Hebert (2008)

his major reference work contains key research articles that offer insight into the fields of strategy and globalization. Strategy and Globalization addresses strategic thinking as it as evolved over recent years and the strategic challenges and opportunities presented by globalization.Karl Moore and Louis Hébert are pre-eminent authorities in this area and they have gathered together a collection of first class conceptual and empirical papers that represent a coherent picture of the state of the field. Articles are drawn from respected journals and leading practitioner publications. Volume I: Introduces key foundational readings on strategyVolume II: Focuses on the concept and phenomenon of globalization Volume III: Explores how organizations have exploited the strategic opportunities created by globalization.

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leading, managing, working with millennials

What sets this book apart is that it looks at Millennials from the perspective of their worldview. Most other books are largely based on survey data or one two author’s take on the topic.  Postmodern thought is the worldview which has been taught for a number of years at universities in the Developed world and in the last decade or two, in the Developing world universities as well.

Rather than cover Postmodern though in all its’ richness this book focuses on four key elements of Postmodern thought which are particularly relevant to how we lead and manage Millennials. The book then follows with five short very practical chapters on how to more effectively work with Millennials. 

Foundations of the Corporate Empire: Is History Repeating itself?

Written by Karl Moore and David Lewis 

The Sumerians invented temple capitalism; the Assyrians made it multinational; the Phoenicians evolved controls; the Greeks leapfrogged with an entrepreneurial model that replaced it; the Romans perfected a robust blend of autonomy and regimentation that flourished for four hundred years.

"Foundations of Corporate Empire is a dreary title for a business book that turns out to be anything but. It is in fact a sweeping, yet remarkably readable history of globalization that marshals impressive evidence..." Report on Business Magazine

"This fascinating book should serve as a timely reminder to those who seem to think that tomorrow can be managed with scarcely a backwards glance to yesterday. Compulsive reading for businessmen and politicians." Sir David Rowland, President, Templeton College, University of Oxford

Foundations of Corporate Empire sketches the history of international business from the emergence of ancient Assyria around 2000 BC through the Phoenician, Carthaginian and Grecian periods up to the time of the Roman Imperium under Augustus, and then on to the medieval and modern eras ending with today's post-modern times. The history of these civilisations has developed around different economic models, which have regularly re-emerged across time and are still present today. Foundations of Corporate Empire looks at our past economic foundations to better understand where we are today and where we should be tomorrow. "A fascinating and important work, which deserves to be widely read." Professor Alister McGrath, Oxford University

"Foundations of Corporate Empire offered me an eye-opening insight into how we have come to do business as we do. If you truly want to understand capitalism as we know it, read this book. Beyond any reasonable doubt, it proved to me the old saying that the more things change the more things stay the same." Professor D'Aveni, author of Hypercompetition: Managing the dynamics of strategic maneuvering

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The Origins of Globalization

Written by Karl Moore with David Lewis.

Origins of Globalization draws widely on ancient sources and modern economic theory to detail the concept of “known world” globalization, arguing that a mixed economy--similar in many respects to our own--existed in a variety of forms throughout the ancient world. By analyzing the business practices of the ancient world--phenomena such as resource and market seeking behavior, international trade from China, India and Rome, to Africa and even northern and western parts of Europe, Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) operating internationally and outsourcing production, multicultural  workforces, tariff reduced zones, interregional tax issues, and the management of  currency risks--the authors provide readers with a unique historical interpretation of the contemporary globalizing economy and a durable theoretical framework for future historical economic analyses.

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The Birth of the Multinational: 2000 Years of Ancient Business History - From Ashur to Augustus

Written by Karl Moore and David Lewis (1999), This book takes in an impressive expanse of history so far overlooked in the history of the multinational and the world economy--from 2000 B.C. to 1 B.C.

The book starts with the story of the first known multinational enterprise in the times of the Assyrian Empire and traces the history of the rise and fall of the multinational enterprise through the four great empires of the ancient world.

The authors, one at at Oxford University, use the lens of the eclectic paradigm, the leading theory of international business researchers, which renders varied and highly interesting analyses and insights.

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